Vision and Mission
Quality Documentation
HATEN Plastic and Cosmetic Industry was established in 1988, first began to serve as the plastic manufacturing industry. As realized in accordance with the actual targets; it has been a leading firm with its productions and designs in the hotel cosmetics sector

Haten Cosmetics and Plastics Industry; beginning with the soap and shampoo production for the hotel sector, today continuing again with hundreds types of cosmetic products like soap, shampoo, shower gel etc. as mostly produced in its own integrated factory as committed to its own quality targets.

Haten Plastics and Cosmetics is mentioned with the trust and the esteem in the hotel sector with its unique collections designed in its own structure by the power of production in a 7500 m2 integrated facility and with a first class production quality. It is honored to serve to the big hotel chains and many customers especially in Turkey and also the outside of Turkey, with its continuously growing and developing production lines.

Haten is also assisting to the Turkish economy as exporting to many countries its own registered trademark “Rosso Bianco”
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